Desk Dimensions

Desk Dimensions

Office Furniture Specialists Ltd is asked often how to correspond a corner work station or standard desk dimension. This is a good question from those who have never been informed.

In joinery we match building by using millimetres as preferred dimension measurements.

Traditional Desk
'Traditional' - we mean by a standard rectangle desk.

  1. For this we have the rectangle surface of Width (Left to Right) x Depth (Front to Back) x Height (Floor to Desk top Surface).
  2. For quoting or writing purposes we write this as the following.
  • 1600mmW x 700mmD x 725mmH.

Corner Workstations
'Corner Workstations' - we mean 'L-Shaped Desks' or 'Kite' Shaped Desks'

  1. We have two surface sides being a left and right and quite often they are different.
  2. We always determine the 'Left or Right' by making the viewing point from where the user sits and operates the corner work station from - the inside corner.
  3. We apply the following leaving the height till last.
  • Width (Left to Right of Left Back Edge) x Depth (Front to Back of Left Edge) - Width (Left to Right of Right Back Edge) x Depth (Front to Back of Right Edge )Height (Floor to Desk top Surface)
  • L-Desk the following example.
  • 1200mmW x 600mmD Left - 1800mmW x 600mmD Right - 710mmH
  • We refer to this Desk as a  'Right Hand Corner Station' because the longer side is on the right.
  • Graphic as an example.
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