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Motion Fabric

Motion Felt Motion Felt can be used to upholster all MotionOffice products.

Motion Felt is a wool blend textile with a soft hand and contemporary colour-ways that will add a subtle, elegant distinction to larger, upholstered furniture items.

Motion Felt is yarn dyed and has been milled to give it a direction-less felted appearance.

The milling process also increases the inherent durability and water repellent properties, which along with the natural flame resistant properties of wool, makes this fabric very suitable for heavy commercial use. 

Technical Specifications Type:

  • Upholstery Composition: 50% Wool 50% Polyester
  • Weight: 750g/lin.m
  • Roll Width: 150cm
  • Repeat: None
  • Abrasion: 100,000 rubs (Martindale)
  • Pilling: 4-5, BS EN ISO 12945-2:2000
  • Light Fastness: 4-5, BS EN ISO 105-B02
  • Flammability: BS EN 1021.1 (cigarette) BS EN 1021.2 (match) CAL TB 117-2013
  • Colour Matching: Batch to batch variations in colour may occur within commercial tolerances


Maintenance & Cleaning

  • Wool is naturally anti-static and water repellent making it less likely to attract dirt and absorb spillages.
  • It is important to keep the fabric clean as this will extend the life of the fabric and preserve its fire retardant properties.
  • Frequent (weekly) vacuuming on low suction is advised to remove dust and loose soiling.
  • Under normal commercial use we recommend cleaning 1-3 times yearly by a professional dry cleaning service.
  • It is important to protect the fabric from direct and refracted sunlight as this will ensure that the fabric retains its original colour.
  • Spot Cleaning Soiling should be acted on immediately to prevent lasting damage to the fabric.


We always recommend testing stain removal detergents and solvents on an inconspicuous area first.

  • Immediately absorb any liquids with an absorbent cloth.
  • Scrape off any solidified material with a spoon.
  • Remove loose material with a vacuum cleaner on low power.
  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth using pH-neutral upholstery shampoo (follow directions on packaging).
  • Do not scrub or use a stiff brush.
  • Use clean water without any cleaning product for the final clean.
  • Do not use dish washing or laundry detergents.
  • Do not use detergents, bleach, ammonia or soap intended for hard surfaces.
  • Dry with a clean white cloth using a circular dabbing motion to avoid edge marks.
  • Use of hair dryer may also help avoid edge marks.
  • Allow to dry thoroughly before reusing.
  • This is intended as a guide only.
  • We recommend consultation with a fabric care professional.



  • As a caring, corporate citizen, we support the responsible stewardship of the earth, its inhabitants and its resources.
  • Our fabrics are designed and made to last, and in their manufacture, use and disposal, embody the environmental principles of Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.
  • Fire retardants are bromide free.
  • Dyes are free from heavy metals.
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