All About This Company

Delivering a focus on furniture products and their accessories together with vast experience and knowledge.

Desks, Storage Solutions, Seating, Screens, Tables and more.

Presenting a catalogue on this web site that provides not only the product information in general but other great tips and ideas.

We are devoted to high quality materials supporting New Zealand industry first.

Customer Services
The core of Office Furniture Specialists is our motivation to provide services. Managing large projects to just giving friendly advice, the attention you deserve.

OFS aspires to generate efficient installations, taking as much responsibility as we can - making it easier.

Post services are very important, just a phone call away to help with anything big or small - from changing a chair gas strut to bookcase bracing for EQU.

General maintenance, alterations, repairs - all the daily office furniture routines reduced.

Relocating internally or across town, to another town - knowing how it is built means we know by what method it should be moved.

Supplier Services

With professional commitment Office Furniture Specialists collaborate with our suppliers and competition suppliers for the customer. With clear process and policy this functions very well when installing, altering or repairing for the principal client.

Many suppliers are from the North Island especially with national contracts, we have the time and resources to help with these contracts being a satellite service provider. Please do not hesitate to contact us as we like to meet more suppliers in our industry.

Educational Services
Blair Camplin started Office Furniture Specialists Limited in February 2004 and has developed a business solely on the principles of an industry that needed some responsibilty and has a great range of products to influence how we work in todays environment.

Continuous self and product assessment is key to maintain up to date information with products and services supplied. From speaking at conferences on products such as 'chairs with physiotherapy' or 'mobile shelving to architects' it all comes down to making an educated decision on what the best products are for each individual.

Current education topics available:
Seating and what the product should do for you.
Shelving and a process of EQU bracing.
Sit Stand Desk Evaluation

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