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OFS offer full installation services that we have become renowned for. We have become the installation team for many clients/companies direct and welcome more.

From setting up traditional desks, screens and chairs in multiples to singles. Installation of pallet racking, mobile shelving, library shelving, reception counters and other joinery – we do it all.

Office Furniture Specialists install in the lower South Island and have a mobile work shop vehicle that has all the resources of tools and fastening supplies on site.

Our Health and Safety record is second to none and we pride ourselves in this area. All installers have Sitesafe passports and we have a Health and Safety PDF for any predetermined policy process for all clients.


Repairs OFS repair on a daily basis for clients from shelving to filing cabinets.

Many desks today are adjustable and we have the knowledge and parts to repair chain, electric, cam belt, screw thread, hydraulic and more. The days are over when a desk was just a desk!

Chair repairs are a specialty for OFS as we have links with every chair producer in New Zealand.
From gas struts to clutch manipulation and every thing in between, and there is a lot that happens in between with today's chairs!
A general gas strut replacement usually costs around $50.00 + GST which includes the strut and labour. Many chairs may not cost you anything for a repair as we will talk to the manufacturer about guarantees in some cases.

We know when to repair and when it may not be worth it – call us first as we have so many parts in stock as part of our environmental footprint program that there may not be a big cost involved at all.


Alterations OFS offer a process in which we work with management to achieve the required outcomes. From using AutoCAD drawings for planning, fill in the gaps with new products and then moving it all around.

Joinery may need a bit reduced there or extra added – OFS thrive on these challenges but know when to draw the line on alteration versus new for the budget.

Library shelving alteration is a big part of what we do, so you can get the most out of customer use and linear storage metres.


Relocating Office Furniture Specialists offer comprehensive packages for relocating. We assess this with you on an individual basis and seek to add other services to your requirements.

We will often put in the moving process our ability to maintain products at the same time such as replacing chair gas struts to repairing filing cabinets that never locked properly.

A service of collaborating with old and new landlords enhances our ability to provide services for the big picture in which we manage the whole project for you.

Cleaning out the disregarded furniture, repairing wall mounted holes, leaving the old building with a contracted cleaning firm - we work with finishing the physical connection from the old so you can fully enjoy your new environment.

OFS provide all packaging for general office products and surface objects to the right boxes for those important confidential files.

We are smart in how we pack and in how we move - considering the building, client and public at all levels.
OFS do many relocations throughout the weekend so on Friday you leave the old and on Monday you are set up in the new, working in with ICT and management for the big picture.

The environment does not have to suffer as OFS has an environmental footprint program which recycles every material we know of in our industry. Even polystyrene is recycled with our Christchurch contractors.


Maintenance Maintenance is becoming a larger issue today than what it used to be. It helps prolong the life of office furniture drastically and for only a little on an invoice it certainly prevents a larger replacement invoice in many cases.

Maintenance on an annual basis is recommended for pallet racking as we all know that forklift incidents occur – sometimes it just needs replaced so the integrity of the racking is maintained for Health and Safety.

Maintenance on an annual basis for mobile shelving is recommended as floors over time do tend to alter slightly and it does not have to be much to create self assist units to start rolling on their own – health and safety is paramount for staff. Nuts and bolts need a process of annual checking.

Maintenance on an annual basis for office seating is certainly recommended as it will save a lot of replacement on good chairs and also the building they exist in. Many gas struts after time will lower in the star base and on the end of these is a small circlip which is very good at damaging carpet or any type of flooring.

Ergonomic Product support

Ergonomic Product support We are as the name says ‘SPECIALISTS’

There has to be a process that is documented and transparent for all assessment so medical professionals are the main part of the collaboration.

  1. User
  2. Employer/Manager
  3. Health Professional
  4. Retailer
  5. Chair Manufacturer

  1. Information Interpretation
  2. Product Selection

  1. Product Purchase/Trial
  2. Product Assurance
  3. Product Maintenance
Evaluations consider the following and the multiple variations they are available in.
Back Lumbar Modular
Seat pan


Earthquake Assessment

Earthquake Assessment Due to the hardy wonderful people in Christchurch and the rebuilding work Office Furniture Specialists Ltd have completed after both major earthquakes we have taken a big interest in this area.

Mainly in regards to libraries and offices we have been presenting talks on the fundamentals of fastening shelving and cabinetry.

Office Furniture Specialists learnt so much from what we saw and to who we spoke to. It is clear from varied results in Christchurch that many faculties were prepared and a lot simply were not.

Process and policy of management is foremost to making a secure working environment for their staff along with their health and safety team. It's all about identifying the risks and then doing the EIM - Eliminate, Isolate or Minimise.

Office Furniture Specialists can help you vastly on minimising many risks with furniture, especially shelving. Bracing is one way to do this - but bracing needs to be completed with knowledge behind it or you could in fact cause bigger problems.

What is the best process to evaluate your office/library environment? We have a small presentation in this area to show you what can be completed for a safer environment.

We have learnt a lot from Christchurch and some individuals have given a lot of time to us - Office Furniture Specialists Limited are thankful for the opportunity to help and time people gave to us.



Office Furniture Specialists Limited is committed to recycling.

We operate our own 'Environmental Footprint Programme' which we run to high standards.

Our initial goal was to achieve less waste every year with the ultimate goal of 0 cubic metres going to the refuse pit by 2015.

This was achieved earlier for 2012 - 2014.

However, this has now become nigh on impossible with new imported low quality product into New Zealand.

Since 2004 Office Furniture has monitored the following.

  1. 2004 4.5 Cubic Metres
  2. 2005 4.75 Cubic Metres
  3. 2006 3.25 Cubic Metres
  4. 2007 3.2 Cubic Metres
  5. 2008 4.2 Cubic Metres
  6. 2009 2.9 Cubic Metres
  7. 2010 2.6 Cubic Metres
  8. 2011 1.2 Cubic Metres
  9. 2012  Zero Cubic Metres The first year OFS did not go to any refuse site.
  10. 2013 Zero Cubic Metres
  11. 2014 Zero Cubic Metres
  12. 2015 3.2 Cubic Metres
  13. 2016 7 Cubic Metres
  14. 2017 8 Cubit Metres

How do we do this with what materials?

  • Polystyrene is Recycled in Dunedin
  • Cardboard is recycled in Dunedin
  • Paper is recycled in Dunedin
  • Alloys are recycled in Dunedin
  • Joinery board is recycled in Dunedin
  • Glass recycled in Dunedin
  • Stretch Film Wrap recycled in Dunedin
  • Package banding recycled in Dunedin

Office Furniture Specialists Limited do not import any international chip board which we deem to have negative effects on our recycling ability and economy.

Unfortunately OFS in 2015, 2016 and 2017 have been replacing a lot of imported chip board (not retailed by us) which cannot be recycled. 

These cheap board imported kit set products are making NZ toxic and filling our landfills in an expediential way. Please buy quality board and we can save NZ a little.

WARNING: Please do not use any of these cheap board imported kit set products in a home fire as the toxicity is very dangerous to your health, the outside environments health and water table health.

Asset Reporting

Asset Reporting When you have a large call centre with over 100 chairs quite often the insurance company will want values. This is where the team at Office Furniture Specialists Ltd step in and do all the work for you. In conjunction with maintenance it is a great report for stakeholders of the company.

Many insurance and receiver companies use the valuations of Office Furniture Specialists Ltd.
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