OFS repair all office products from the chairs right up to mechanised mobile shelving.

Many desks today are adjustable and we have the knowledge and parts to repair chain, electric, cam belt, screw thread, hydraulic and more.

Chair repairs are a specialty for OFS as we have links with every chair producer in New Zealand.

From gas strut changing to clutch manipulation and everything in between, there is a lot that happens in between.
A general gas strut replacement usually costs around $65.00 + GST which includes the strut and labour.

Many chairs may not cost you anything for a repair as we will talk to the manufacturer about guarantees on your behalf.

We can send you the parts and provide instructions for different locations.

We know when to repair and when it may not be worth it.

Call us first as we have so many parts in stock as part of our environmental footprint program that there may not be a big cost involved at all.

Phone: 0800 60 60 69


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