Earthquake Assessment

Earthquake Assessment

Due to the hardy people in Christchurch and the rebuilding work Office Furniture Specialists Ltd  completed after both major earthquakes we have taken a big interest in this area.

Mainly in regards to libraries and offices we have been presenting talks on the fundamentals of fastening shelving and cabinetry.

Office Furniture Specialists learnt so much from what we saw and to who we spoke to. It is clear from varied results in Christchurch that many faculties were prepared and many were not.

Process and policy of management is foremost to making a secure working environment for their staff along with their health and safety team. It's all about identifying the risks and then doing the EIM - Eliminate, Isolate or Minimise.

Office Furniture Specialists can help you vastly on minimising many risks with furniture, especially shelving. Bracing is one way to do this - but bracing needs to be completed with knowledge behind it or you could cause bigger issues.

What is the best process to evaluate your office/library environment? We have a small presentation in this area to show you what can be completed for a safer environment.

We learnt a lot from Christchurch and some individuals have given a lot of time to us - Office Furniture Specialists Limited are thankful for the time people gave to us.

We hope in 2021 to have a completed PDF document for office H&S representitives to have as a resource.

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