Maintenance is becoming a larger issue today than what it used to be. It helps prolong the life of office furniture drastically and for only a little on an invoice it certainly prevents a larger replacement invoice in many cases.

Maintenance on an annual basis is recommended for pallet racking as we all know that forklift incidents occur – sometimes it just needs replaced so the integrity of the racking is maintained for Health and Safety.

Maintenance on an annual basis for mobile shelving is recommended as floors over time do tend to alter slightly and it does not have to be much to create self assist units to start rolling on their own – health and safety is paramount for staff. Nuts and bolts need a process of annual checking.

Maintenance on an annual basis for office seating is certainly recommended as it will save a lot of replacement on good chairs and also the building they exist in. Many gas struts after time will lower in the star base and on the end of these is a small circlip which is very good at damaging carpet or any type of flooring.

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