Multi Pro Grit With Holes

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Multipro Interlocking Tiles.


  • Heavy duty, durable design.
  • Great anti-slip grit coarse on the surface.
  • Modular design, interlocking to cover large areas.
  • Available with or without holes.
  • Edge ramps available to eliminate trip hazards.
  • Approx. 24mm thick.
  • Made from recycled material.


The Multipro Grit tiles are the same as the comfort tiles, but with a silicon carbide grit surface for ultimate traction in any condition.

They can be interlocked with the Comfort tiles and are excellent around machines in the manufacturing industry to prevent slip hazards.

Available in both open and closed top.

Multi Pro Comfort Dimensions Available:

  • 500mm x 500mm Open
  • 500mm x 500mm Closed


Multi Pro Ramp Dimensions Available:

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