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A real game changer in the office chair.

Incredibly suited to people who have a ongoing back issue from a medical point of view or when coming back to work from a physical weekend or holiday activity.

The dial lumbar is another tool in the box to gain that neutral upright position.

A very special tool for back recovery to find to optimum side of the coin between tension on the back and support for the back posture.

The handle is well designed and easy to operate for adding and removing lumbar tension on your back.

Recommendation is for the lower thoracic area.

Most chairs have this as an upgrade however not everyone needs it either.

It is another expense and element of a chair that needs maintained.

Lower back support pressure is exactly that - lower thoracic support by adding pressure for you to be aided in sitting upright and removing the slouching and in turn removing the weight entirely off your tailbone.

Combine this with the seat pan angling forward and offset with the chair back then we can open you up at the pelvic area. This very neutral sitting position is a fundamental change creating a slight leaning, just a little can take up to 10 - 15% of your upper torso body weight off the base of your spine and transfer this weight down through your legs.

Of course this is provided that your feet are flat on the ground and knees are lower than your hips.

Very important is to synchronize this with other aspects of your working area.

  1. Desk height creating your neutral arm height which needs to be 90 degrees with your working surface. Remember the keyboard is part of this height assessment.
  2. Elbows to the side of your body. Not reaching forward away.
  3. Setting the monitors to the right height is a very individual process due to the following:
    • Vision assessment (glasses and light factors)
    • Task factors (data entry, graphic work)
    • Keyboard Skill (natural typist or slow typist - this is an assessment reflecting up and down between keyboard and monitor with neck movement)
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