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Standard chairs are usually a 120 - 140mm gas strut - with most a 140mm.

OFS recommends if you are 1800mm tall then you upgrade to a 200mm strut.

  • This will be based on sycronization with the desk allowing it.
  • The desk can be raised to collaborate with this strut creating the right sitting height for you.

This means the strut has an extension of 200mms.

They are all compressed O2.

However gas struts have a life, different brands have a cycle rating:

  • A cycle is each time the unit (chair) is seated upon and unseated.
  • Most gas struts with a quality chair start with a 50,000 rating.
  • To put this in perspective the average chair does 16'640 cycles in a year operating 5 days a week with an 8 hour day.
  • So the average is about 3 years.
  • The higher quality the brand usually the higher quality the gas strut.


With this knowledge it is most important that your chair supplier/retailer gives you a lifetime warranty on the gas strut when purchasing -  check this in the putrchase details.

This is peace of mind that your chair purchase/s are future proofed and you have access for the chairs life you can obtain another gas strut.

It also helps if your supplier/retailer are professionals who supply this service.

Office Furniture Specialists Limited are very specialized in this field of work.

We have experience of over 30 combined years changing gas struts.

Price does not make this an inefficient service, on average it costs only $65.00 + GST for the strut and labour of the change - mid strut.

If you are not sure do not hesitate to give us a call - 0800 60 60 69.

As OFS retail seating and install seating for 95% of New Zealand's suppliers we can sort this on your behalf with the chair supplier direct.

We maintain the original gas strut sometimes as the bearings, cushioning rubber seal or circlip at the end are worn.

Making sure the right strut is replaced is critical. Some struts are tapered or are required to fit right down to a 10th of a mm into the star base cone.

  • To big the strut will be unstable.
  • To small the strut will go right through the star base cone and hit the floor in which the circlip on the end will do a great deal of damage to flooring.


OFS do recommend an annual service as it prolongs the life of the chairs in public use by over 30% and in the office by over 45%.

  • So a 10 year chair can become a 13 - 15 year chair in perfect working order.
  • Without maintenance a 10 year chair can become a 2 year chair if neglected.
  • For an office of over 25 chairs it costs on average only $125.00 + GST to assess annually.
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