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Custom Framed Pin Boards are available in a large range of different colours/surfaces to suit your interior space.

Quantum and Ranger are the standard colour charts attached

Premium Fabric Colour Charts are:


Velcro Features

  • Vertiface Composition is a high performance interior wall lining
  • Designed to manage reverberated noise and create a colourful and impressive interior
  • Made from Vertiface fabric laminated to an acoustic polyester backing
  • Available in a range of 15 colours
  • Velcro Colour Chart Attached


Forbo Features

  • Easy to clean – Wipeable
  • Non porous Surface
  • Self healing tack holes
  • Durable
  • Available in 6 colour options
  • Forbo Colour Chart Attached



General rule of thmber is 600mm increments 600mm - 2400mm and anywhere in between.

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