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Choose the frameless look with our manufactured custom wrapped-edge Pin Boards in our standard colours, or in any colour or design fabric you wish.

Wrapped Edge Pin Boards need to be directly adhered to the wall with glue, or attached with screws.

*Glue and screws not included

Quantum and Ranger are the standard colour charts attached

Premium Fabric Colour Charts are:


Velcro Features

  • Vertiface Composition is a high performance interior wall lining
  • Designed to manage reverberated noise and create a colourful and impressive interior
  • Made from Vertiface fabric laminated to an acoustic polyester backing
  • Available in a range of 15 colours
  • Velcro Colour Chart Attached


Forbo Features

  • Easy to clean – Wipeable
  • Non porous Surface
  • Self healing tack holes
  • Durable
  • Available in 6 colour options
  • Forbo Colour Chart Attached



General rule of thmber is 600mm increments 600mm - 2400mm and anywhere in between.

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