Flip Chart Boards

Surface Guarantee

  • Forever Surface Guarantee


The surface on a white board is all important.

There are three main surfaces:

  1. Porcelain
    • Flip Chart Board
  2. Projection Ceramic
  3. Lacquered Steel
    • Also Known as 'Acrylic White Board'
    • Or as 'Baked on Acrylic Whiteboard'
    • Flip Chart Board



  • A Porcelain Surface is a non-pourous surface that can always be cleaned like new.
  • Has a 'Forever Surface Guarantee'.
  • It will not scratch, stain or ghost.
  • Surface is magnetic.
  • Is ideal for education and everyday office use.


Lacquered Steel

  • A steel surface with an 'Acrylic Baked on Surface'.
  • Super stong paint.
  • Five year guarantee.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Surface is magnetic
  • Ideal for light to medium use in the office.
  • A good cost effective option.


These versatile & portable Flip Chart presenters are ideal for training or discussions with small groups.

The nonporous surface erases clean every time and won’t stain, scratch or ‘ghost’.


FlipChart Paper Available

  • Weight: 70gsm
  • Sheets: 20 per pad
  • Pads: Pack of 10
  • Each pad has pre-punched slots for hanging
  • Size: 580 x 880mm


Flip Chart Features 

  • Magnetic
  • Aluminium frame
  • Aluminium pen shelf included
  • Concealed wall fixings included
  • Extension arms allow for up to 3 pages to be shown at the same time
  • WhiteBoard Size: 700 x 1000mm
  • Integrated FlipChart paper hooks and pen shelf
  • Retractable, height adjustable legs


Porcelain Board Size (mm)    
  • 700 x 1000


 Lacquered Board Size (mm)
  • 600 x 900
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