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Comfort Pro Mat

Anti-fatigue - Relieves stress and alleviates pain in joints caused by standing for long periods of time - this is the best mat for Sit/Stand Desking in OFS's opinion.

High Density Polyurethane will never be torn.

Rebounds from any weight, will never deform.

Simply vacuum or wipe with a cloth to clean and bring the mat back to new.


  • Made from high quality polyurethane.
  • Excellent anti-fatigue properties.
  • Ideal for stand up desks.
  • All edges bevelled for safety.
  • Easy to clean and move around - very lite weight.
  • Interlocks to create longer lengths.
  • Approx. 13mm thick.


Say goodbye to back, knee, and foot pain.

The Comfort Pro mat is specially designed anti-fatigue floor mats that is ergonomically engineered and medically proven to provide unsurpassed comfort, safety, relief, and support while you stand, wherever you stand.

Neutral smelling and light weight, the Comfort Link mat makes an outstanding mat for in-doors and in front of stand up desks.

It can interlock together to create longer lengths.

Comfort Pro Dimensions:


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